Our Process

Our Process

Information technology is intense, which makes it very complicated to handle, but Finoviti keeps it safe and straightforward for you.



We provide a friendly and expert adviser who understands the motive of a business by collecting information from clients without any uncomfortable conversation.


By analysing the QMS (quality of management system), Finovti displays the Scope of a business. We identify the information and prepare the best solution.



Since the world has become more colourful & modern, our expert designers create eye-catching designs for any software.


We combine the group of softwares and test the features to ensure the perfect and smooth running of every project.



We make sure that every software is available to use at any time. Keeping every software in a position where it can start working without wasting a minute is our strength.



Everything needs to be well maintained for the best result. Our team of engineers is always ready to solve every problem because our work is done by providing software and keeping it well maintained.

Our Expertise

To ensure that your operations run smoothly, you’ll need the right mix of services and support. You’ll also want to improve the performance, productivity, and user experience of your apps. Therefore, Our services assist with the application’s monitoring, maintenance, and security. Our organization uses the correct processes, technologies, and tools to make web and mobile IT security easier to manage and less expensive to comply with. To ensure that your organization never underperforms, we can fix any tech-related difficulties immediately and in the quickest time feasible.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Application and performance monitoring
  • Security audit on application dependencies
  • Monthly web application vulnerability tests
  • Bug fixing

We have an excellent team of engineers who are knowledgeable in Cloud, DevOps, Microservices, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Python, Native Android, Native iOS, React Native, and a variety of other top technologies. We use Agile and Scrum approaches to construct your resolution in a continuous and iterative manner. We build a product that meets the requirements and needs of your business, whether it’s custom software development services, enterprise software development services, mobile software development services, Offshore or Nearshore software development services, or even software application development services.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Product design & coding
  • Product testing & launching
  • Product maintenance
IT Maintenance
Future-Proof Solutions

Engagement Model

The engagement Model is a green flag for your project.

Almost everything in your project, including its overall quality, will be influenced by the type of engagement model you adopt. As a result, you must devote sufficient effort to selecting the most appropriate engagement model for your project.

fixed price model
Fixed price model

Fixing the price before starting the project is always risk-free. This model is best for the already defined requirements and scope of projects. Budget, delivery time, targets, and accomplishments are all defined ahead of time. If the needs are pre-defined, our fixed price approach is perfect for all types of projects, regardless of size.

Hourly price model

Hourly price model is suitable for those projects which don't have a clear scope and work. The hourly price model allows the clients to pay according to the time. It is very flexible because a client can modify anything in a project. There is no fixed budget, so it depends on how the client wants to accomplish the project.

Dedicated Hiring Model

This model gives complete access to the client. The client owns a team of experts and handles the project himself. It is cost-effective because the client has to pay only for the hiring. It is most suitable for long-term projects.

Programming Language

Language Expertise

  • PHP Core
  • Laravel
  • ReactJS
  • ASP.Net
  • C# (C-Sharp)
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery

We design the right software product for your needs, we have an expert team of developers proficient in several technologies.

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