FIBC – BC Agent Management Solution for Banks

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A comprehensive and user-friendly platform designed to empower banks in managing their Business Correspondents (BCs) and merchant networks efficiently. With a range of essential features and functions, our solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of banks engaging in BC operations and expanding their merchant services.

Key features of FIBC

Some of the key features that covers the basics apart from the client specific customisations.

  • BC Onboarding – Simplify and streamline the onboarding of Business Correspondents onto the platform, ensuring compliance and smooth registration.
  • BC KYC Management – Streamline the KYC process for Business Correspondents, simplifying document collection and verification.
  • Terminal Mapping – Efficiently manage and track BC terminals, facilitating better transaction monitoring and management.
  • Bank Branch Linking – Establish seamless connectivity between BCs and bank branches, enabling access to necessary services and support.
  • Integration with FI Gateway – Seamlessly integrate with major FI gateways in India for smooth implementation of BC program.
  • Training Module – Empower BCs with comprehensive training resources on banking products, processes, and compliance.
  • Transaction Monitoring – Detect and prevent fraud, ensure compliance, and gain insights into transaction patterns.
  • Direct NPCI Connectivity – Enable seamless and secure transactions between BCs, merchants, and the banking network.
  • Pre-Integrated Financial Inclusion – Expand services with integrated microloans, insurance, remittance, and other financial products.
  • Terminal Management via MDM – Get full control on the BC terminal, using our MDM solution integrated with BC Management Solution.
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Pre-Integrated Products & Services

Solution comes with dozens of digital financial services which makes it easy and faster for banks to launch.